Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dress to impress

Being in between sizes sucks. I realize I am opening myself up to a bunch of hate mail, but I have lost all of my baby weight and then some. But my body is nowhere close to the same size. And it is just such a weird shape. Too much here, not enough there, sagginess everywhere. Which basically means I do not own a single piece of clothing that really fits me well.

Enter the biggest shopping conundrum ever: Brian's 10 year high school reunion in 3 weeks. Not only do I need to find a dress that fits me but I need to look HOTT. Yes, this warrents a double T. I think this is one of those times I am not dressing for myself but for others. I mean, who doesn't want their husband to be gloating about his hot wife with all his high school buddies?

Now I know Brian would think I look good no matter what I wear. And he is always proud to call me his wife. But sometimes, you just have to pull out the big guns. So I came home from the mall, went upstairs to slither into my new strapless satin black dress and high heels to get Brian's opinion and walked down the stairs. He turned around from playing with the baby, sat there with his mouth hanging open and reached into pocket for a breath mint. Mission accomplished.

A woman is closest to being naked
when she is well dressed.
~Coco Chanel


Casey Martinez said...

OH Lindsay how you crack me up:) Glad the dress looked hot. Way to rock it girl!

Abbi said...

HoTT mama! ;o)

misc.alaina said...

That is too funny! Glad you found a good one. Both of my high schools (I transferred my Junior year) are having their 10 year reunions this month and I skipped both of them because they are 8+ hours away and I am a lot pregnant. Hope you have fun at your husbands reunion!