Monday, October 25, 2010

my fair lady

As a mom, you have all of these expectations about what it will be like to take your kids to fun activities and annual events. I like to think about all of the exciting things I will get to experience with Lila during each new season. One of my fall moments I was looking forward to was the State Fair. The North Carolina State Fair is such a fun event with yummy (calorie laden) food, rides, games, animal and agricultural exhibits and the best people watching ever. I love living in the South but when I visit large gatherings of locals, I am astounding at the amount of mullets, fanny packs, mouths full of chew and general lack of all fashion sense. And even though those carnies are straight out of an episode of “What Not To Wear” they sure can make some good fried oreos and snickers bars.
State fairs can have lots of fun for parents with all of the rides and food but also have some cool exhibits for kids. Our fair has animal shows, crafts and art exhibits and of course, the state’s biggest pumpkin.
The one exhibit I was most looking forward to sharing with Lila was the baby chick tent. Our local college’s vet school hatches a bunch of chickens and ducks right before the fair and then brings them out to meet all the people of NC. It has always been my favorite part of the fair in years past (check out my pre-baby long hair from 2008).
I could just imagine Lila’s face as she touched those soft little down feathers. And then she fell asleep 45 minutes after we got to the fair. We still walked all the way over to the animal exhibits but sadly the chicks had gone to bed for the night. I guess that was a God thing because I totally would have been a bad mom and woken Lila up for that photo op. Sometimes, you just have to let go of your expectations and enjoy whatever God has for you in that season.
While we try to teach our children all about life,our children teach us what life is all about.~Angela Schwindt


Casey Martinez said...

I hear yah mama. I was so confused seeing you holding did she manage that I wondered? hehe...ahh, now I get it:). We had a great time with you guys..SEriously, we felt so lovey dovey (Joey and I that is) after we left. It was a blast!

Too Much Good said...

Good call on the confusing photo Casey. That was State Fair circa 2008 :-)

misc.alaina said...

What a fun experience with Lila! My parents have photos of me as a toddler enjoying the baby chicks from the NC State Fair. I haven't been back since I was in college, but that has always been one of my favorite activities there. I also have to have a pickle while I am there!