Sunday, October 10, 2010

in the blink of an eye

Lila, it is not possible that you were born seven months ago. Seven months is a crazy long time. Doesn't it sound so much longer than six months? I wish I could have wrote you a six month birthday letter. One that you could look back on and smile at all your silly antics. I want you to see yourself through my eyes, like the letter I wrote you right before you were born. But on your six month birthday we were at your grandmother's funeral in California. And I was not fit to write you a letter that day. 
Because I have so many things to tell you. You are so grown up it scares me. It seems like just yesterday you fit in your dad's hand, all curled up into a little ball. So imazingly tiny.
You are the most inquisitive, calm, social little girl. You have never met a stranger and every day is a new adventure. You are so close to crawling and I know the moment you take that first movement, the world will be a different place. For you and for me...and for the electrical sockets. 
You love to babble to your toys, your feet, your family...anyone who will listen. You love to eat and are loving the new foods we try every day. So far you have had apples, blueberries, bannana, strawberries, plums, pears, mangos, papaya, pasta, bread, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, yogurt, rice, butternut squash and puffs cereal. Basically you like to eat. The only foods you don't like are avacados, yellow squash and macaroni and cheese.
Watching you learn to sit up for the first time was the most amazing thing. It was almost exactly your six month birthday. One day, we would try to hold you up and you would topple right over. And then the next day, ta da! How amazing that you can figure it out that quickly. I know God is going to have so many ta da moments in your life where you will grow by leaps and bounds over night.
At night, I walk into your room, stand by your crib and marvel at the beautiful little girl you are becoming. I know that it is a gift from God that you love to snuggle and you never complain about a couple of more minutes being held tight in our arms. I know soon that you will be too busy exploring the world to sit still against my chest. But for right now, it is still my favorite way to pass the time.
And the way you love your dad is just so beautiful. You have him wrapped around your finger and he can make you laugh like no one else. You have made him into a father, just the same way you have made us into a family. Your little eyes are always moving, checking out the world around you. Thank you for always smiling so bright the moment we lock eyes. I am so proud to be your mom.
Eventually you will come to understand
that love heals everything and love is all there is.
~Gary Zukav

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Abbi said...

What a beautiful post!! She is just a lucky baby to have such a sweet mama like you! ;)

(Anything on the earring give-away?!)