Thursday, March 15, 2012

two years of love

I walked into Lila's room at 12:38am on Saturday morning and stared at her sleeping body, wrapped around her Grinch, arms splayed off to the sides. I remembered that last frantic hour two years ago...finally getting my epidural at 7cm, my water breaking across the room, my nurse calling the NICU team because of the telltale green meconium, 20 people flooding through the door, Brian looking at me with a wide eyed look of sheer excitement. And then the pushing, the exhaustion, the renewed energy, and finally the cry. As she was whisked away to the corner and the NICU team, I asked over and over, "Is she okay? How is she?" Seeing Brian wipe away his tears as he hovered over the bassinet. And finally, too long, she was place in my arms. Staring into my eyes as I cuddled her as close as possible. So long we had waited to see her face, 2 years of long sleepless nights, 10 months of an uncomfortable and tumultuous pregnancy. 
We celebrated her on Saturday, not just the beautiful two year old she has become but the success of making it to this moment. Where our little girl has taken over our life in a way I could never have imagined. As we chowed down on pancakes and maple syrup "dip", my heart was full.  

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Casey Martinez said...

Her birthday party was SO much fun for adults and kids! I loved being ouside and eating all the yummy food! Truly a wonderful afternoon celebrating with Lila. Thank you for having us:). She looked so camp perfect!