Friday, March 2, 2012

get it my belly: pinterest edition

I have found Pinterest to be my favorite place in years for recipes. No other blog or cookbook (other than the Bible...our Father, who art in the crockpot, hallowed be thy Make It Fast, Cook It Slow cookbook) even comes close to giving me this much inspiration. No, this is not a sponsored post. I love finding fast recipes with only a handful of ingredients which are good for my family and make big portions. Here are my favorites I have found so far on Pinterest/my daily crack. 

Skinny Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken: I actually just tried this recipe for the first thing this week and it was fabulous! The green onion and cilantro was genius. We actually just scooped it up with tortilla chips instead of rice.

Pumpkin Dump Cake: I am pretty sure I have posted this on the blog before. Eh, sue me. It is just that delicious. I love any dessert this easy. Especially if it has my favorite holiday themed orange vegetable in it.

Penne with Artichokes: Shut your mouth, this was the best recipe I have ever stolen off the internet. It was one of those, "Huh, that has all my favorite things in it...why didn't I think of it?" recipes. Make it tonight. Now.

Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip: I love Mexican 7 Layer Dip but I always feel like a poser when I bring it to potlucks. "I brought this great di...oh wait, you've had this before? Oh at every other potluck ever since Moses? Oh..." So this was a great way to sub the easy for a whole new taste. Delicious!

Zucchini Fritters: I am posting these on here as a challenge to myself to actually make them this weekend. I have been looking at this recipe longingly for months now but the idea of a fritter makes me feel all nervous and sweaty, like it sounds super complicated even though it only has like 7 ingredients. Well now I have posted it and have to actually try it. I will post a recap on Monday and let you know how it goes (accountability! haha, take that!)

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