Thursday, March 8, 2012

pink is my favorite color

I will spare you photo documentation, but pink eye has infested the house. Lila has been cutting her two year old molars and had a runny nose earlier this week. Then on Tuesday, I of course had to drive down to Wilmington (about a two and a half hour drive) for a work meeting. I got a call from my mom half way through the day "not to scare me, but Lila has green gunk coming out of both of her eyes, a swollen face and a low grade fever." I tried very hard to stay at the speed limit on my drive back. 

Once we were loaded up with eye drops and oral antibiotics (for the double pink eye AND ear infection), we have hunkered down at home to wait out the sickness. I have washed every fabric surface in the house and wiped down everything else in Lysol. So far, Brian and I have been spared. 

Lila has been very snugly these last few days since she feels so lousy. Which is just fine with me since she is usually doing acrobatics out of my arms when I try to hug her. It has also given me plenty of time to laugh at her newest silly toddler sayings:
  • When Zaxby the dog tries to steal her crackers out of her hand, she looks very seriously at her and says "No ma'am"
  • Our favorite part of the ABC song, which is repeated over and over, is "M&M&M and P" 
  • We spent 15 minutes yesterday changing Oo-Ee the Grinch's diaper and wiping his bottom with wipes since Oo-Ee had a poopy
  • Lila likes to repeatedly stand and squat down in front of our fireplace glass, looking at her reflection and saying, "Oh hi Lila!" as if surprised that her best friend just showed up 
Hopefully we are on the mend today and will be cleared to go back to day care tomorrow. Since SOMEONE has her second birthday on Saturday! And clearly it is time to get back to our pigtail wearing, strawberry chomping self. 

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