Saturday, March 10, 2012

growing too fast

Lila Addison, 
I cannot believe you are two today. As I stand over your crib, looking at this tall, constantly moving, head full of hair child, I can barely believe that you are mine. Two years seems like a grown up, and yet still my baby. One minute you are dancing around in circles to the Fresh Beats Band, holding hands with your daddy while you twirl, and the next minute you are snuggled up in my lap with your Grinch. You repeat every word we say now and will just make up your own words when you cannot find the right one, babbling to anyone who will listen to you. You are fiercely in love with your family, asking to call them the minute you wake up in the morning and running into their arms when you see them. You have such a sweet heart, wrapping your babies up in dish towel "blankets" and rocking them to sleep. 

Some times you just stop and stare straight into my eyes like you are trying to figure out how God knit us together that tightly. And those moments when you cry out in your sleep for your momma and daddy just melt our hearts, that even in your dreams you know we will come running to you. 

I can see how your child grows in a moment, a snap of your day I was holding you in my arms, covered in goo, smushed nose and that little tiny cry of protest at the cold, bright world. And the next you are asking me for blueberries and following Zaxby the dog around to give her hugs. In an instant, two years has flashed by. No matter how fast you grow up little one, always know that you are never too big for my lap, never too independent for me to hold your hand and never too far away for me to come running. Happy birthday my first born, my littlest one, my love. 

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Casey Martinez said...

I can't believe it either. How are our babies 2? How are they telling us what they want and don't want already and how are they so cute and perfect?? Happy Happy Birthday to your Lila bean! It's been an absolute joy to watch her grow up!