Tuesday, January 3, 2012

you've got mail

I know better than to think we could actually get Christmas cards out on time. So this year, I just went ahead and gave in to the idea of New Years cards. And it was a glorious feeling. Love my fabulous cards and the fabulous photos taken by Rebekah Tozer Photography in October. I will share some more of the amazing photos she took later this week. Right now I am going to stare at Lila's gorgeous blue eyes and feel my ovaries crying with the baby cuteness.
Happy New Years from the Heges!


Ashlynn said...

precious pictures :)

Casey Martinez said...

the card is DARLING!!! I have it on my fridge and Daisy asks to hold it every day so she can talk to Wiwa. She LOVES lila! We'll have to get another play date going soon to keep them in touch:). lol