Sunday, January 22, 2012

na na na na, they say it's your birthday

One of my best friends from college, Emily was in town this weekend to help me celebrate my birthday. Oh, did I not mention that it was my birthday this week? Maybe because I keep forgetting. I don't know if it is a mental block to the big 30-1 (30 minus 1 = 29 :-) or if I am just legitimately too busy to remember my own birthday. It's a toss up really. 

It was so fun to have Emily in town to play all weekend and have silly girl time. On Friday she introduced us to the best Chinese food in Durham...isn't it sad when friends who haven't lived in a city for over 2 years know more about it than you do? And then we were simply decadent and went out to Parizade, one of my favorite restaurants, for Banana Rum Napoleon and wine. I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture but you can bet it was delicious. 

The food tour of the Triangle continued for lunch Saturday at Parlez-Vous Crêpe Food Truck, which was parked in Carrboro for some yummy lunch. We all got a ham/brie/apple butter/ham crepe and then shared a nutella & strawberry crepe. I love me some food trucks and their simple and delicious yummyness! 
For dinner Saturday night, my whole family (including Emily) went out for dinner at 411 West Italian Restaurant where we...ate some more. And I got some fabulous gifts! A new coffee grinder, owl mugs, a label maker (OCD overload!!), a massage gift certificate, new mascara and hair products, clothes and a fabulous new purse. I feel super spoiled and am enjoying my new coffee out of my new owl mug to brighten up this dreary day right now. 
Now my life gets back to normal preparing for my huge annual gala that I run every year and is just 19 days! Yikes! And of course, trying to work off the 10,000 calories I consumed this weekend.


Sues said...

NOTHING I love more than a local food tour when I'm visiting or having guests!!!!

Holy crêpe - I am out-of-control jealous of your access to that crêpe food truck!!!!

Happiest to you!!!

Heather said...

Happy, happy birthday!!