Saturday, January 7, 2012

santa claus: the shopoholic

Hey how about that Santa Claus? Tricky guy...always buying more than he thought and suddenly having 5 million presents under the tree. Last year, Christmas for Lila was pretty low key since she basically slept through the morning. This year, I could not stop myself. Brian would just roll his eyes when I came in the door from shopping. "But it was on sale and it was so cute!" Budget be damned!

I read lots of great blog posts before Christmas about moms who had a Christmas gift philosophy:
-Adriel talked about how much was too much for her two boys under two
-Jen limits the gifts for each child and also makes sure they learn the importance of giving by having each child give $100 to a cause they believe in
-Emily gives each child three gifts: a want, a need, and a surprise 
-Kelle loops a string through her house to each child's big gift

I didn't count Lila's gifts but she basically got to open 5 for every 1 we opened. So....a lot. I grew up in a family that does Christmas big. Brian's family has tons of gifts under their tree as well. But as our family grows in the future, I am not sure we can or should keep up this style. I really like the idea of having Lila choose a charity or project to give money to at the holidays. Maybe we can also implement this on her birthday so it keeps going throughout the year? I like the idea of Something to Wear, Something to Read, Something You Want, Something You Need, and Something to Do (an experience). But can I honestly limit myself to that? 

::what are your Christmas gift giving traditions? did Santa go all out at your house this year?::


Sues said...

I'm with you - I LOOOVE the *idea* of those trimmed down gift experiences...but I don't know if I'd be happy limiting myself, either. I like *getting* stuff, too. :-P But we also do a lot of donating & charity giving, as well.

misc.alaina said...

Santa went crazy in the form of grandparents at our house this year. Even if we limited ourselves, the grandparents still wouldn't have any self control. We haven't thought about any traditions for our little family yet, but next year Will will be a little older and it will be a good time to start!

Growing up, my dad hand delivered our Christmas lists to the North Pole, and came back with a large family present (usually a large electronic for everyone to use) from Santa himself. We would do a big send off for him going to the North Pole, and we would wait all day to see what Santa was sending back with him. My brother and I always got one surprise gift that was not on our lists, but that our parents had thoughtfully picked out for each of us. They would give us crazy hints that would have our minds racing until we opened them Christmas morning. And, of course, Santa always delivered some, but not necessarily all of the items on our list. For us, it was less about how much we got, and more about the excitement and the suspense!

Casey Martinez said...

I lovity love traditions but, I also know that due to budget each year will be so different. This year was slim pickings for our family but, it was okay because it was for everyone in our family. Next year if we can I'm sure we might want to go a little crazy to make up for it. Joey's family grew up getting one really big gift and then lots of small ones. I think we are just going to have to play it by ear because I don't feel any specific nudges yet. We might set a dollar amount though so that it is fair and clear each year...who knows:). I love what other people do! So neat.