Thursday, December 29, 2011

traditions (part 2)

Yesterday I shared some of our favorite Christmas traditions with you all and I wanted to finish up with the last couple ones here. I would love to hear about your family traditions as well. What makes your Christmas Eve or morning special? Is there something you look forward to year after year? Other than the tins of baked goods and the subsequent overindulgent guilt, obviously...

Stockings filled with goodies
Brian's stocking was given to him by me on our first Christmas...which makes this our eighth Christmas together...holy moly! Mine is from my parents when I was just a little baby. So when we chose Lila's stocking last year, we wanted something fun for her to use for years to come. Love me some Pottery Barn kids! Our stockings had lots of fun candy, gum, bandaids, socks, activity coloring books and lots of other little fun items. 

Yummy Christmas morning breakfast
Since we were at our house for Christmas morning with my family joining us after they all woke up, I wanted to make something yummy for us all munch on while opening presents. I made this Overnight Blueberry French Toast, which was delicious and easy to make the day before and refrigerate. I would highly recommend it for an easy, pop in the over and still look impressive morning!

Opening gifts one by one
This tradition grew up in both Brian and I's house and it is very important to us. We spend a lot of time choosing gifts that mean something for each other and we want to be sure to see the excitement on the person's face when they open the gift. So we go around in a circle and let each person open a gift at a time. Does it mean that present opening takes most of the day? Yeah, but I am okay with that :-)

Ornament for the year
Brian and I started this tradition the first year we were married. We choose an ornament for each other every year that means something to us or that we thought was cute to give to each other on Christmas morning. This has helped us grow our collection for the tree and is a fun way to commemorate each year. Now I am NOT a crafty person (I get overwhelmed just walking into a Michaels) but this year Pinterest got the better of me and inspired me to make an ornament with Lila's thumbprints disguised as an adorable reindeer to give to Brian. I broke out in a sweat the second we got that red paint out, but it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

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