Tuesday, December 13, 2011

santa fail

Last year, Lila LOVED Santa. Nevermind the two hour line we stood in to see him and his big fake beard. After he took his hour dinner break. Hello, Santa? There is no "dinner break" 3 days before Christmas. You should be working round the clock. And its not like skipping a meal would starve you.
I wasn't sure how Lila would do this year since she now realizes that when we put her down and walk away, there is a scary stranger holding her. This made-for-photo-frames moment was not one I really wanted to spend $30 on again this year since I was pretty sure it would have a tragic ending. So we sniffed out the only free Santa in town. Basically Santa be expensive. A local outdoor shopping center was advertising its grand re-opening and Santa was showing up for 2 hours for free photos. You better believe we were in line 30 minutes early with Mimi and G in tow to watch the cuteness that was about to happen.
I was astounded Lila kept her hat on all night. Apparently she knew how adorable she looked because normally she rips that thing off the moment I put it on her head. And just as I expected, the second we sat her on Santa's lap, she flipped out. Santa though was not as good of a camper as one might expect from the jolly old guy. The second she started squirming, he set her down on the ground and proclaimed, "Oh, she's upset." Clearly she is upset but I still plan on taking a photo of you holding the crying child since I just waited an hour in the freezing cold! So Plan B, Mom saves Lila from scary Santa. At least I did not pay $30 for this shot. 

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Heather said...

Awwww, these are so cute. Glad you got some (free!) pictures at least. Her coat is darling.