Wednesday, December 28, 2011

traditions (part 1)

Christmas was beautiful. It was our first Christmas morning in our house, meaning we got to do Christmas our way and start some new traditions. We loved having Lila wake up and talking about how Santa had come to visit her (even though that thought is a little too complex for the 21 month old mind). I love reading about special things you all do with your families so I thought I would share some of our old and new traditions over the next few days:

Christmas Eve Service
Our church holds a Christmas Eve service that is all about wonder and carols and remembering the day that Jesus was born into a lowly manager. We all dress up (even though it is fairly casual on a normal Sunday), light candles and sing songs about stars in the sky and Jesus in our hearts. Lila did manage to sneak in a picture with her BFF Daisy (part of the famous Four Pack whose mommy Casey took some other adorable photos of them last week). 

Milk and Cookies for Santa
We spent Christmas Eve painting our nails (hilarious video of Lila getting her nails done by Auntie KK later this week), wrapping last minute gifts and of course, making home made chocolate chip cookies for Santa. We think this is a super fun tradition that Lila (and of course us *Santas* eating the cookies) will continue year after year. Since we were at Mimi and G's third floor condo when Lila was ready for bed on Christmas Eve, we had to put the treats out on their porch so Santa could find them. 

 Santa's Favorite Story
I don't quite remember when my Dad started reading this book to us every Christmas but it has been one of my favorite parts of the holiday for a long time. The second year Brian and I were married, we left town on Christmas Eve to drive to his parents 3 hours away only to realize half way there that we had left the book at home. Even though I convinced him it was fine, he veered off the highway, found a Barnes & Nobles and bought us a new copy just for the trip. I love that man. This year we both sat on the floor of Lila's nursery as she snoozed in her crib and read the story out loud for her to hear in her dreams. 


Casey Martinez said...

I love that picture of Lila sitting in the chair eating a cookie:) and love the idea of sharing your Christmas traditions on the blog....I really should do that too since the blog gets printed. Thanks for the idea! Plus, I just really need to think of some new traditions for our family!

Casey Martinez said...

oh and of course I love the pic of the two girls dressed up...I WAS SO HAPPY that you had a camera cuz I woulda missed out on that shot of pure sweetness!