Monday, December 19, 2011

it's the fam

Something about the holidays makes you take more photos, which I love. I love documenting moments in time for Lila that she can look back on later. One of the wonderful gifts we got from Brian's family when we did Christmas #1 this Saturday was a collection of old home movies that Brian's grandfather took of his kids (Brian's dad and aunts) when they were children all the way up through the first several grandkids being born. It was so much fun to watch these old movies of the kids in with their cute pageboy haircuts and bermuda shorts riding Schwinn's around their front yard in the early 60's. It reminds me to take more videos and photos of Lila in the everyday moments of life, as those will be the memories she will treasure one day. 

We took some great family photos these past few weeks with my family on Thanksgiving. It is so fun to have us all together, racing out with the turkey in the oven to take pictures and then everyone standing around the kitchen chomping on bites since we were starving. I think I ate more in the kitchen than I did at the table this Thanksgiving. 

When Brian's family and his Nanny were in town this weekend, we took some adorable family photos at the Washington Duke Inn, a beautiful old hotel in Durham. Thanks very much to them for putting up such a beautiful tree so we could speak in the lobby and take some family shots in front of it :-) I can't wait to see Lila grow and more grandkids to join her one day in all of these holiday pictures!


Casey Martinez said...

Love the family pics!! I seriously cannot get over how much hair Lila has and how much older it makes her look. She is so cute! Can't wait to snap a few pics of our girls together this week:)

Sues said...

I *LOVELOVELOVE* family pics, too! YAY for documenting life!!!