Wednesday, June 29, 2011

you're a mean one

I am not sure if I have ever documented the unfailing, never ending, deeply serious love between Lila and her Grinch. She and Mr. Grinch have been joined at the hip since she crawled over to fetch him under the tree on Christmas morning. I don't get it. She has adorable bunnies, soft lambs, polka dot puppies and little dollies. But it is the Grinch she loves, the Grinch she clutches to her neck when she is tired, the Grinch she drags behind her around the house. 
My favorite moment is when people take a closer look when we are Target, with a "Oh what a bright green stuffed animal you that the Grinch??" And then they look at me like a terrible mother who obviously chose the scary, mean monster as her child's companion. 
Lila has two Grinches (shhhhh, don't tell her), one who stays in the House and one in the car. That way, there is always a Grinch close at hand. Her second Grinch was gifted to her on her birthday by her friend Cruz who also got him for Christmas, but was more than happy to share his stuffed animal he didn't care much about with someone who would obviously adore it. Every now and then, the two Grinches end up in the same room together and you would think it is the BEST. DAY. EVER. Forget world peace, this is the moment that takes Lila breath away and all has become right with the world. 
I know one day he will be tossed to the side and his reign of earth shattering importance will be over. But for now, the Grinch is where it's at. That Grinch and his bright green, fuzzy necked snugly self. 


Anonymous said...

Once again you have made me feel so good with this absolutely adorable, darling story! Thankyou for sharing it, I have the biggest smile thinking of Lila with a grinch. Don't you just love kids?????? Pauline

Melissa said...

Ha!! That is too funny. When I was a kid, I had an Alf doll (you know the animal from the show Alf?) - and I think my parents hated it but I LOVED it and would not ever put it down. It had to go everywhere with us. So the moral of the story is, just like me, Lila will grow up to be completely normal :)

Casey Martinez said...

oh my gosh lindsay what a fun post documenting how much Lila loves her grinch!! You have so many great pictures of these two together! LOVE THIS!

Ayan said...

omg, your daughter is adorable! esp the one on the header. you have a beautiful family!!!
xoxo, ayan

Abbi said...

Hee-hee! We have the same one that gets toted around our house! (LOVE Lila in her Durham Bull t-shirt! I miss going to games!)