Thursday, June 30, 2011

things that make me go ooooh

It's been a week. Reading some of my friend's blogs and Facebook statuses, I would say that has been going around a lot lately. Maybe crappy weeks are catchy. Like strep throat. Or yawns. Or grumbling in the grocery store check out line. When I feel that grunge coming on, I try to do everything I can think of stop it in its tracks. 

I grab a cold Diet Coke from the 25 cent soda machine in my office. Because it quenches my soul. And it makes me want to gloat that my soda machine is so freakin cheap. 

I dress Lila in ridiculously adorable outfits because she smiles and flirts when she knows I think she looks cute. 
And that makes me smile.

I try and spend a few more minutes in the morning reading devotions instead of catching up on Facebook. Because honestly, could that much have happened to my friends between 11pm and 6am??

I spontaneously dance with Brian to "Come Fly With Me" in the kitchen in between filling sippy cups, stirring dinner on the stove and drinking from a big glass of wine.

And I change my normal screen saver to this hilarious one so every 15 minutes, as the stress is settling into my shoulders, my screen goes to sleep and I start laughing. And then laugh harder at the panicked look of my coworkers as they slowly realize I am loosing it.


Casey Martinez said...

love that last one and can totally hear that guy saying that! lol. I agree...gotta stop the grunge mood from catching on in any way possible. Love this post;0

Rebecca @ The Reluctant Housewife said...

Love Diet Coke! daughter has that exact same little summer suit...isn't it just too cute?!?!?! Also, I absolutely love that idea for a screen saver..I'm going to pass it on to my husband...

Summer Athena said...

hee hee on the diet coke poster!