Tuesday, June 14, 2011

welcome to Tuesday Tips!

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is getting great tips from other women. Tips about raising babies, tips about loving your husband, tips to save time and money around the house, tips about life. So in order to facilitate all this fabulous tipping, I have decided to start a weekly blog link up called "Tuesday Tips".

You can link up to your blog with tips about anything you would like. They can be super involved tips, like tutorials. They can be quick tips, like something you read in Real Simple magazine. Tip away on whatever your heart desires. And then, make sure to come back here, grab the button using the code below to put on your blog, and link your blog post up so we can all read your amazing tips. And then do it every week :-) This first week, feel free to link up to your favorite past post with some fun tips. Hope to learn lots of exciting and new things from you all this week!
My Tuesday Tip: With all of the lovely summer fruits and veggies we have been getting at the Farmers Market, grocery store and through our produce delivery service, I have to keep up with how long each have been ripening, etc. However, busy moms = forgotten potatoes in the pantry. I noticed last week that I had some yucky fruit flies visiting my pantry and flying all around my kitchen. After some googling and advice from my sister, I came up with this at home remedy that has completely eliminated the flies!
In a bowl, mix balsamic vinegar and several tablespoons of sugar until sugar is mixed in. Put saran wrap over the mixture, poking several large holes (large enough for the flies to go in). They will drown in the mixture and voila! Fruit fly free!


Casey Martinez said...

ooo o that is a really great idea Lindsay! I am trying to think right now if I know any tips! I will have to think about it and come back if anything comes to me!! This is great!

Abbi said...

Apple cider vinegar by itself does the job too! ;) Definitely going to link up here in a few!

Ayan said...

that's a great idea!!!!! i might have to join next time and definitely love tips on life!