Monday, June 13, 2011

baby beluga

It is so fun to watch Lila playing with her friends. They are still at the age where playing mostly involves stealing sippy cups and snacks. Nonetheless, Lila's face lights up as she points and yells every time she sees other kids her age. One of her favorite friends is Daisy, the little one of my friend Casey. Lila and Daisy were born three weeks apart and there is something so special about having kiddos that are at the same stage of life, growing and exploring and learning more every day.
PS- this is what results when babies try to share kisses. They end up eating each other faces.
Can you see the look of totally annoyance on Daisy's face? Kills me.

I had the week off this last week for a little staycation and relaxation at home. For those of you cool kids who have not every "stayed," a staycation is where you have time off and instead of travelling, spending lots of money and being generally stressed out, you stay at home. And do all of the things you normally are too busy to do. We grilled out. We went to the park. We ate LOTS of ice cream. We slept in and drank lots of yummy morning coffee. And we went to the pool...four times.
We stepped out one day to visit Daisy and Casey at their neighborhood pool and my goodness these two babies were adorable in their ruffled swimsuits. CANNOT deal with the big tummy, fluffy swim diaper bottom, squealing with glee baby cuteness.
They had a fabulous time splashing in the water, sharing water toys, spinning around singing motorboat songs. And then when they tired of the pool, it was time for naked baby snack sharing with animal crackers. Can't you just imagine them 15 years from now, laying out in their bikinis (full coverage bikinis, of course), listening to music on their future invention non-ipod music players, and discussing their teenage angst while Casey and I embarrass them talking about their naked bottoms toddling around the pool? Oh gosh, one of the things I most look forward to in life is embarrassing Lila in public one day.

Motorboat, Motorboat
Go so slow
Motorboat, Motorboat
Go so fast
Motorboat, Motorboat
Step on the gas!

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PattiC said...

Such great pics!! What a great/relaxing week with your daughter!!! It will be so much fun embarrassing our kids! Especially when boys come to pick them up on dates......