Thursday, June 9, 2011

inspired kitchen

This week, I decided to link up with Gussy's Inspiration Workshop. Who is Gussy you might ask? Gussy is a fabulous small business owner who makes lovely ruffled things and likes to inspire the rest of us to go after dreams. Basically, she's pretty fab. 
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
This week's prompt was about where you find inspiration for your kitchen. I love my kitchen and its busy space. It holds my files, my mail, my important papers, my wine, a fridge full of yummy produce just delivered from our new produce delivery service (more on that later this week) and our fabulous colorful dishes we were gifted for our wedding. 
But I still haven't done a lot to our kitchen since we bought our house almost four years ago. We did paint it a fun bright yellow, but it has bright green laminate counter tops and I have a hard time finding wall space for more organization. I have been eying chalkboard paint for some time now and trying to convince my hubby to let me chalkboard something. 

I have one little wall in our kitchen that now holds a wall peg rack for Zaxby's leashes and brush. And underneath it, I put up a month whiteboard calendar. It is still listing dates from March-April. Clearly, I am not inspired by this calendar. I would love to try one of these fabulous chalkboard walls in our kitchen, using that wasted space for good! And organization! And To Do lists!

What is your favorite organization wall you have seen? How do you keep your kitchen organized?

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that 
one is constantly making exciting discoveries. 
~A.A. Milne


Kelly said...

i love chalkboards in the kitchen. stopped by from gussy.

sara without the h said...

I want chalkboard walls in my future kitchen. With cork boards by it to hang stuff on. Or pretty much anything like the 3 pictures you posted. Ha.

p.s. I also stopped by from Gussy.

Sarah Grace Hefner said...

Love the chalkboard! Hoping to have something similar in our kitchen! Thanks! Came over from Gussy!

Sarah (The Marathon Mommy)