Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love I love any kind of deal that gives me more for less. My friends joke that I am the coupon queen but I definitely think I could be called worse.

Side Note: Did you know that if you sign up for Amazon Mom, you can get 15% off diapers and other baby stuff? And then you can do Subscribe and Save, where they keep sending you diapers (although I just go on and extend or early order whenever I need some) and then you get another 15% off? Plus they give you free shipping and an Amazon Prime membership so you get free shipping on other cool stuff (like ALL my Christmas gifts). And then I stack the coupons with the 20% off Amazon diapers card in Parents Magazine. Last time I ordered (and we are talking about Pampers, not the cheapo brands) the diapers were 12 cents each. And no, I was not paid by Amazon, Pampers or Parents Magazine to tell you this, nor do I get any incentive for referring people, it was just my holiday coupon fairy gift to you.

Okay, back to Groupon. A couple weeks ago they had a deal for a $50 Nordstrom Rack certificate. And since I had a coupon code, I got it for only $15. Holla! So I decided to do a little Christmas shopping this week and take advantage of that awesome deal. But after 20 minutes of browsing around the store, I remembered why I don't shop there. Because I do not appreciate $55 tshirts with jeweled tigers on the front. Or sweaters that hang down to my knees. I had free shopping money and nothing to spend it on! I decided to use what would have bought me several new outfits at TJ Maxx and be frivolous. So I got all new underwear. You know, that was not stretched out by my giant pregnant tummy. Or so old it needs to know what time curfew is. Maybe I am ridiculous, but I felt pretty excited about that tiny little bag worth a whole lot of money. And even more excited that it only cost me $15.

A lady is one who never shows her underwear unintentionally.
~Lillian Day

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