Thursday, December 2, 2010

almost grown

We have an almost crawler. That's like someone saying they kind of have a boyfriend. Or they are a little bit pregnant. It honestly just means we sit around on the floor shaking shiny objects with a camera in one hand at all times. Lila has been almost crawling for like 2 years now...okay, maybe it has just been a couple of weeks but still. She gets on all fours, moves one hand and knee, smiles at her hysterical parents and then plops on her bottom and laughs. This does not bode well for our future.

I know everyone says we will be sorry and hate ourselves for encouraging it later, but since when do parents get mad when their children do something amazing and new? There is no stopping it, Lila is a grown up overnight. I could not believe how big she looked, sitting in her high chair on Thanksgiving with her turkey bib eating little bites of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and of course every baby's favorite, olives. What? Your child is not a fan of Mediterranean food?
But having her suddenly go from baby to almost toddler has caused some parent brain farts as well. Like when I realized Lila was now almost 9 months and still using newborn pacifiers. Guess what 9 month olds do when you try to suddenly give them a giant plastic object to suck on? They pull it out of their mouth and throw it at your face. Or when I walked into Lila's room to get her out of her crib and realize it is probably time to drop the mattress level, since she is sitting up and pulling her hanging mobile out of the air and into her lap. Whoops.

When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. 
When they're finished, I climb out. 
~Erma Bombeck


Casey Martinez said...

I love Erma Bombeck:) Love the picture of Lila with her precious smile:). She is such a sweetie Lindsey. I just wanna eat her! I also want her and Daisy to hang out em' young! hahaha Guess what...Daisy still uses infant pacifiers too and I actually decided to just let her continue to use them because she refuses to take the other harm done from what I read...hopefully:). Also, we are lowering her crib this week too! Sounds like we are in a similar boat!

Branson said...

Your little girl is adorable! This post made me laugh. My LO is only (almost) 7 months but he loves his newborn soothie as well... and so does his older cousin who steals it and chews on it every time she visits ;-)