Friday, September 3, 2010

little corner of life

Is there one place in your house that is your corner of refuge? Maybe it is a chair you like to read in (for those 15 minutes in between putting the kids down and before the dryer beeps). Maybe you have a beautiful porch to sit and read your coffee (if you do, I hate you and am totally jealous). For you, maybe there is a spot in your yard that you have turned into your own.

For me, my favorite part of the house is my kitchen window sill. It sits above my sink so I am there quite often. It holds things that are treasures to me and make my heart smile every time I see them.

There is the cute little sheep on the left that Brian bought me on a trip to the Biltmore House. This was on the weekend of my grandfather's funeral that I could not attend on the West Coast and he was doing his best to cheer me up. I bought Brian the cow on the right to be the sheep's friend the year after.

Then a silver plaque reading "Our Darling." The plaque was give to us by a couple who had been through 5 IVF's to get pregnant with their daughter. It had been something special to them that reminded them that God had a child for them. We have had it on our windowsill for the past 3 years while waiting for God to bring Lila.

A card that my mom brought me on my first day of work, reminding me I can do this working mother thing.

A picture of Brian and Lila, just 2 weeks after she was born.

The framed card I bought on a business trip in Seattle reminding me it is okay to be a little out of the ordinary. "Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting."

A beautiful ceramic piece telling me to always "Expect A Miracle"

Where is your place of peace in your home? Write a post about it, come back here and link up at the bottom. Then add the same blog hop link on your blog for others to join. Can't wait to see your little corners of life!

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Sues said...

I returned your Tour de Fridge today! :-) SO.MUCH.FUN!