Sunday, February 21, 2010

building a little nest

And we have nursery photos! I know I told you I would post these way long ago but...I'm pregnant and get to make the here they finally are. We spent Saturday putting some final touches up in the nursery, like putting together the antique cradle, hanging curtains and trying to touch up paint on the stripes.

Notice, trying to touch up paint. The green walls in the nursery were painted over two years ago and we just added stripes when we were recently redecorating. So we pulled out the green paint can that we had so carefully labeled and put in the laundry room. And opened it up. And a hideous, foul odor filled the air! And the cute green paint was now turquoise. As much as I would love to add some "gangrene" accents to my baby's room, I think this paint might have spoiled.

We stopped by Home Depot today and our friendly neighborhood paint mixing man was able to make us up a little can with some paint in the original color. Which means I now have to find another burst of energy to finish up those last couple of spots. We'll see how that goes. I am pretty sure we were lucky for the one we got the other day, so Brian might be on his own with any other work.

Lila has been moving around a lot this week and is clearly not happy with how little room she has. I keep trying to explain to her that if she would just come out, she would be so much more comfortable. As would I. But I guess my fetus reasoning skills still need some work. No luck thus far.

Early this morning, we had a moment when Lila moved and laid on a nerve running down my left leg. The pain was crazy intense and woke me up. And then poor Brian woke up to me yelling his name. Luckily it went away after about a minute and she seemed to do better for the rest of the night. Let's hope for no repeat tonight. Unless its labor pain, and then I will very happily welcome a middle of the night wake-up-call. One can only hope :-)

There is nothing more difficult for a
truly creative painter than to paint a rose,
because before he can do so
he has to first forget all the roses
that were ever painted.
~Henri Matisse


very married said...

a.dor.a.ble. what a lucky little gal :)

Joey&Casey said...

The nursery is darling!! Doesn't it feel wonderful to have all the last little things done. I just did another load of laundry yesterday and was so happy to get that done as well as a last shopping trip to buy little things. Our girl's rooms are twins! lol:) So cute!

Katelyn said...

I LOVE LILA'S ROOM!!! I CAN'T wait to meet little Lila Bean!!