Tuesday, March 2, 2010

drop it like its hot

Basically there have been no posts lately because, what is there to say, other than I am big, pregnant, and apparently have a "womb potato." That by the way is my new favorite expression, thanks to Melissa, my mom's friend. She is just waaaay too comfortable in there. And apparently wants to stay inside and lounge it up.
We have been back to Labor & Delivery once over the weekend. I had about 8 hours of very strong contractions on Friday, but they ended up slowing down. Then on Saturday, Lila was being very sluggish, which is unusual for her. Honestly, I feel like Dance Party USA is going on most hours of the day (and night) right now. I am not sure who she learned the pop and lock from but you will not be getting a thank you card from me in the mail.

Anyway, she was just very quiet on Saturday, so the doctor asked me to come in so they could watch her on the monitor for a while. She was of course, just being a drama queen, as her heartrate looks awesome and they think she was just super tired from all those contractions the day before. Let's recap: SHE was super tired from 8 hours of contractions??

On Saturday I was almost 3cm and 75% effaced. Meaning I only have a tiny bit more to go before they consider me in active labor. The doctor is not sure why I keep having all these contractions that stop, but my body is just taking this part of labor and spacing it over weeks, rather than hours like most people. I go back this afternoon for another check, so we'll see if we made any progress from all the other contractions in the last 3 days.

My doctor is pretty conservative and says he will not induce me until 41 weeks. But we're not gonna talk about that because I cannot fathom that amount of time still being pregnant. Let's talk about happy things instead...like the fact that the flowers Brian bought me on Valentines Day are still alive and smiling on my coffee table! Or the fact that I just washed a pink jacket with bunny ears for Lila to wear on Easter. Because who doesn't need bunny ears??
"All good things arrive unto them that wait -
and don't die in the meantime."
~Mark Twain

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Joey&Casey said...

Yah, it appears that yours and Jen's daughters want to camp out as long as possible:). I'm so sorry for all the contractions you've been having. Crazy that you are already 3 cm dilated! Hope labor is extra fast for you after all you've been through. I would love to meet up somewhere or grab lunch after church SUnday if you haven't popped yet. It's been too long!