Monday, November 9, 2009

birthday love

So much birthday love for Brian! We have had a very busy weekend celebrating Brian's 28th birthday and had so much fun getting to hang out with all our favorite people.

On Friday night we went out with a bunch of friends...16 friends to be exact! We had such a great time getting to hang out with all of our friends, eating lots of yummy food, and just catching up with everyone all at the same time. Also at this party were the Four Mommies! There are four of us at church that are all expecting our first babies next spring. In fact, we are all due within 5 weeks of each other!

From the right, we have:
Lindsey (she and her husband are expecting their son Sam on Feb. 16)
Jen (she and her husband Evan are expecting their daughter on March 3)

Me (expecting Lila on March 7)
Casey (she and her husband Joey are expecting their daughter on March 30)

It is so much fun to have other new moms to talk through pregnancy symptoms, share fun stories, nursery advice, baby books, and showers with. And come February/March, we will have a whole little playgroup for the babies!

Another awesome part of the weekend was dinner with Brian's family in Greensboro. We got to eat at Lucky 32, one of our favorite restaurants. Brian also got an adorable bib for Lila to wear...telling everyone what a great daddy he is!And a great dinner gift certificate for the grown-ups dinner after Lila comes. It was so fun to see Patti and Benny and Brian's brother Patrick for the night!

Last fabulous part of the weekend, a new Xbox 360 for Brian!! Talk about getting spoiled on your birthday! Brian was so excited to get this surprise gift from my dad and what a great way for him to get a little pampering after how much he does to take care of me and Lila :-) Happy birthday Brian! We love you!

The secret of staying young is to
live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.
~Lucille Ball

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Joey&Casey said...

sweet birthday gift for Brian!! We might have to loan him some games if he needs any:). I love the pic of us preggo ladies and now me and Jen need to go post it on our blogs:). What a blessing to have all you gals to go through this with:)! Glad Brian had a fab. birthday!