Tuesday, November 17, 2009

worth the wait

We have been having a lot of fun getting ready for Lila this last week. As we work on her nursery, it is so amazing to picture her in the room and imagine everyday things like changing her diaper and rocking her to sleep. We are doing some more work on her nursery tonight, so expect a big picture post later this week!

Another major part of the week has been sorting through boxes filled with baby clothes and toys. Talk about a blessing! Our friends Kristy and Todd have a two-year old daughter named Reagan. When they heard we were having a little girl, they told us to come on over so they could give us some of Reagan's baby clothes. Little did we know they meant 7 boxes of clothes, newborn through 2T, toys, playmats, blankets, etc! We have been having so much fun going through all the adorable baby girls things, laughing and talking, until we got to this one...

As I pulled out this onsie, both Brian and I teared up and sat there for about a minute just thinking about all the tears, prayers, anger, sadness, anticipation, shots, and doctor's visits that have gone into this precious little girl. We forget sometimes how long we have waited for her, prayed for her, and imagined what it would be like to have her in our lives. And now, as the waiting draws to an end, all we can do is thank God that she will soon be ours.
It's all about you, Jesus
And all this is for you
For your glory and your fame

Its not about me

As if you should do things my way

You alone are God

And I surrender to your ways

~"Jesus Lover of My Soul" by Passion


Joey&Casey said...

How perfect and sentimental! That onesie is precious. You both have been through a lot and I can't wait until your little girl is in your arms wearing that pink onesie:). Can't wait to see the nursery!!

rebekah tozer said...

you will DEFINITELY need pics in that onesie!!! :-)