Tuesday, July 21, 2009

s'mores and crickets

This weekend we went camping at Jordan Lake and had an awesome time. Everytime I go camping, I have so much fun and think, why don't we do this more than once or twice a year? Even with the morning sickness and being sore from sleeping on an air mattress on the ground, it was way worth it. We spent Saturday playing and sunning at the lake, had a cookout and s'mores back at the campground, slept under the stars (well I was technically under them, the tent was just blocking my view), and had dirty eggs and bacon for breakfast followed by some more sun time.

We decided that regardless of how rugged we think we are, this will be our last camping trip for a while. Something about diapers and open trash bags just doesn't sound like a good time for anyone. I did however decide that my new cheap Walmart raft that I floated around the lake in, not sharing with any children (minus the 2 in utero) was always a good time and worth the trip.

We're going camping now
we're on our way!
We're gonna climb up a mountain
and run and jump and play.
And as we hike along, we're gonna sing
Hallelujah to the king!


Joey&Casey said...

yup, that raft was bomb diggity! I wanted one:) You made it look so good:) hehe,

Jonathan & Esther said...

Psalty?? You quoted Psalty the singing song book?? :) Love it!