Monday, July 27, 2009

hanging head in shame

I know, I just got away from me last week. So let's just pretend that my little pregnancy counter says 7 weeks and 6 days as opposed to the actual 8 weeks and 1 day.

We had a good week filled with lots of tired evenings at home and a weekend on the couch. We're too cool for school, what can I say? Let me paint a picture for you: Lindsay is laying on the couch with the two dogs either wrestling around the living room or passed out on their backs, feet spread in the air. Brian is probably doing housework of some kind, cause he rocks like that. After eating dinner, Lindsay tries to stay awake through "So You Think You Can Dance?", only becoming coherent to see our friend Nick starring in his Subway commercial. At some point, Brian comes back in the living room (probably after washing all the dinner dishes...did I mention he's awesome?) and finds Lindsay passed out on the couch. He wakes her up (since it is 9:15pm and clearly past her bed time) so she can take approximately 72 pills, stagger upstairs, and pass out in bed. Man, pregnancy is sexy.

Anyways, we have a lot of busy weekends coming up with a Durham Bulls game and my best friend Emily's wedding, so hopefully we'll have something actually interesting to right about soon. In the meantime, look at our little blueberries at 7 weeks!

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