Thursday, July 9, 2009

share and share alike

So we are going to introduce a new segment to the blog (audience card reads "OOOH AAAH") for everyone who cares about all the minute changes going on in my body. Which is probably only Brian and I, but humor us.

Once a week, we will be featuring Double Trouble Watch 2009 to let you know how I am feeling and any cravings or fun symptoms. In the meantime, I will continue to post blogs about basically the same subject. On that note, let me pass along a humorous stor
y from last night: Brian and I went out to dinner and stopped at Target, basically for no other reason then to gaze at baby items. We were wandering through the crib aisle, then the stroller aisle, then the bouncy seat aisle and Brian looks at me. "Babies need a lot of stuff." "That is true sweetie. And we will need it times 2." "But they need to learn to share!"

Double Trouble Watch 2009: This week has been interesting, in that I am not craving actual food, but everything seems to taste better. And when I need to eat, that means like 5 minutes ago. And I like pickles, but I think that was before the babies. Oh and dairy. I mean I loved cheese before, but I have a relationship with dairy now. As indicated by the cup of TCBY sitting on my desk right now. Who am I to deny our little appleseed sized babies calcium??

Share everything.
Don't take things that aren't yours.
Put things back where you found them.
~Robert Fulghum

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Joey&Casey said...

It's funny cuz Joey and I were buying a neighbor a baby gift last week and he started strolling the aisle as well and he said the exact same thing...except.."babies sure need a lot of crap. geez" lol. Gotta love our guys responses! I love the baby updates so keep em' coming!