Monday, May 11, 2009

you scream, i scream

We had a great weekend and are enjoying our last couple of weeks together before Lindsay goes off and leaves Brian for the month of June. We wrapped up a great weekend of golf, bridal showers, and dinner with family and friends with a fun trip to Maple View Farms. Maple View is a working dairy farm out in Hillsborough, NC that distributes fresh milk to lots of local stores. They also have an ice cream shop right on their farm! You can sit on the front porch in the rocking chairs, eat some yummy fresh ice cream, and stare out at the cows.

So now we are just packing and enjoying the last couple of weeks! The piles of clothes, movies, supplies, etc. continue to grow. Our meds alone take up their own bag :-) Also, for anyone who uses Facebook, we are trying to keep all of this off Facebook, since Lindsay uses it for work. So please feel free to leave comments on here, but not on our Facebook walls. We also want to give a shout out to both our mom's who are awesome! Yay for Mom's Day!

He had a freezer full of bomb pops
Push ups, drum sticks and dreamcicles
And a paint chipped changed box
Full of sticky quarters, dimes and nickles
It was automatic when we heard that song
Run home and get your money before he's gone
~"Sweet Summer" by Rio Diamond

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Sarah & AJ said...

We are so sorry to have missed out the Maple View Farms trip - we might have been featured on the blog if we had been there :-) We are hoping to get together before you leave....