Thursday, May 21, 2009

we come together cause opposites attract

I am often told by Brian, family, and friends that I have OCD issues. Since apparently, I am unaware...

-I hate escalator handles...filthy rubber that is never washed and suspiciously dark in color. I received hand sanitizer on a carabiner as a gift from my dad once.
-I only use unlined index cards. Lines mess up my ability to write in different sizes to signify the importance of a word.
-Labeling file folders gives me a sense of accomplishments.
-I cannot stand people touching my face. Seriously, who knows where your hands have been?
-I have annual reoccurring birthday reminders on my Outlook calendar for everyone I know.

You get the picture. And if you don't, see the above picture of my wall calendar hanging above my desk. Mind you this is just the wall calendar. There is also an Outlook calendar. Which syncs to my smart phone. Both of my smart phones. Yes there are two.

I realize that my OCD results in me being very productive and being able to plan a month long trip to Chicago, with different people flying back and forth to North Carolina. As well as a month off work at an event planning job which is challenging to the say the least.

But I guess all of that organization is lost on other areas of my life. This is my office desk. It has been this way for several weeks. And I have no motivation to fix it.

Strange you say, to be so OCD organized, yet so messy all at the same time. I am simply trying to set an example for our yet unconceived children that perfection can in fact live in harmony with a total slob.

If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind,
what does an empty desk mean?


Joey&Casey said...

a woman after my own OCD heart! haha. Your writing is so comimcal:) I think you should write a book! It would be so entertaining and informative all at once. lol. I'm OCD about where certain things say the least:)

Jonathan & Esther said...

I'm so glad to hear that someone else can't stand lines... I can't do lined index cards, lined notebooks, not even lined calendars! Mom and I went to three different stores to get my paper calendar... which, of course, was unlined. Just the boxes to divide the days... :). I thought my line aversion meant that I was creative or something... alas...

bill said...

Wow - I wonder where the OCD stuff comes from. Wait a minute ... my desk looks suspiciously like your desk. It make me proud!