Monday, April 26, 2010

hooter hider

Brian and I made the decision long before Lila was born to breastfeed her, as long as I was able. I know so many women that for one reason or another, nursing didn't work out. And I know how sad and upset that can make a mom. Which seems like we maybe put too much emphasis or pressure on it. For centuries women had a baby and then breastfed that baby, unless they had a wet nurse. I guess it was a matter of necessity.

Lila was great at nursing right from the very beginning. I have been so blessed that she latches quickly, enjoys feeding, and I have enough milk. Since we are on the go people, it works really well for our lifestyle. We nurse at Starbucks, on our back porch, at restaurants, at the mall, at the zoo, in our car, etc. The one thing that still blows my mind though are the stares of perfect strangers.
So let's say you are passing a woman sitting down on a chair or bench. She is wearing this lovely blanket that appears to be hooked around her neck (known affectionately as a Hooter Hider. No for real. That is the actual name of the brand). There are some cute little baby feet sticking out from under said blanket. My only thought would be, "Hmm, I guess that woman is breastfeeding her baby." Or perhaps, "What a cute design on that blanket!"
 But apparently, this is not the collective thought of the general public. I do not understand why perfect strangers stop, turn around, and unabashedly stare at me. Like if they stare long enough, they might catch a flash of skin and have something to yell at me about. I mean, I cover up...I am discrete...I do not try to create a scene. It just blows my mind that in this day and age, people would be that embarrassed about someone feeding their baby in public.

he one thing I do understand are the thoughts of my friend's adorable 4 year old Kate. She walked over the other day and lifted up my blanket. "Why is baby Lila under the blanket?" "She is eating Kate." "What is she eating?" "Milk" "From where?" "From me. Because I am her mom. And that's how she gets her milk." "Oh. Okay. I am going to go play now. Bye!"

My opinion is that anybody offended
by breastfeeding is staring too hard.
~David Allen

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Haha, I love it!