Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hot now

Oh my goodness, you don't update your blog for a week or two and everyone is all concerned that you're having a baby or something :-) So much has been going on that I was not even sure where to start. First of all, we had our last baby shower two weeks ago and it was so fabulous. My friend Jen did an amazing job decorating a special tea party for Lila. We got so many fabulous gifts and are pretty much all ready for her arrival!

The next week, we celebrated my 27th birthday! I love my birthday, it is my favorite holiday of the year. But this year, I am a little distracted and haven't been able to pay it a lot of attention. Go figure. I had a great birthday lunch with Jen which made my whole day brighter and was definitely fun to catch up on some girl time.

Brian did an awesome job making it special, with flowers, tickets to see Wicked in April, and a run through Krispy Kreme for a HOT NOW doughnut. Have you ever had a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut? Because they are like a little piece of heaven. A sugary, melt in your mouth, little piece of heaven. Perhaps this is what manna tasted like?

Then last Thursday, Lila decided to make a practice run. We had been having some contractions all week long. On Thursday night, they got down to every 5-10 minutes so off to Labor & Delivery we went! Luckily we had the hospital bags pretty much packed, but we still had some running around to add last minute stuff. Because obviously you cannot have a baby without snacks and bedroom slippers packed. And then I made Brian do the dishes...another thing that cannot be left undone, lest the baby be born into a world with cereal bowls in the sink. And what kind of a beginning to life would that be??

So we got to the hospital, hooked me up to a bunch of monitors, and handed me two giant jugs of water to drink. In case I didn't understand what "Are you dehydrated and maybe that is what is causing your contractions" actually means. The contractions didn't go away but I wasn't dilated at all so they sent me back home after about 5 hours. Basically Lila was just really concerned that we hadn't taken care of all the last minute preparations. Glad she is running the show here.

And THEN, my sister flew up from Florida for the weekend to surprise me! It was such an awesome distraction from Lila Bean craziness and we had a great time having a last girls weekend. It was sad to see her go back home, but it made it better to know she will be flying up here any day for Lila's birth.
I went to the doctor again yesterday and am still not dilated. He says in his professional, crystal ball opinion, she will probably be born between 36-37 weeks. Which is a week and half to two weeks away! Which is perfect since my dad is inconveniently in Africa until this Saturday and we were all in a dizzy that he might not back in time. But now we should be good! Yay Lila is almost here!
Cab drivers are living proof
that practice does not make perfect.
~Howard Ogden

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Joey&Casey said...

The shower was so adorable and wow, look at all of us pregnant ladies. Crazy! Love the pictures and am glad you are doing okay in spite of that rocky night with the contractions and glad your dad will be able to be back before her arrival:). Krispy creme sounds so good right now!!! mmmmmm