Thursday, August 20, 2009

you put the lime in the coconut

So much time on the couch, so much sleeping...basically sums up my week. Brian however had an incredibly productive week and completely moved around all of our upstairs furniture. We currently use our larger spare bedroom as a guest room and the smaller one as a catch-all. We decided a couple weeks ago that we wanted to use the larger one as the nursery and the smaller one as the new guest bedroom. One small problem...the smaller room is a dark gray...which I can hide when it is full of boxes, but not when people are going to have to actually sleep in there. I mean, how depressing would that be to wake up to? I don't like being responsible for driving people to antidepressants.

Brian decided his project for the week would be to move everything out of the smaller room, tape it, prime it, and paint it. By himself. In 4 days. Have I mentioned what an awesome husband he is? And now we have a beautiful new slate blue guest bedroom...currently accepting reservations for the 2009-2010 season at a discounted rate.

We got to go in to my doctor on Monday morning to listen for the baby's heartbeat using a doppler on my tummy. They are bringing me again tomorrow fo
r another listen and then we go back on Tuesday for a full appointment with Dr. Coordination and an ultrasound to measure the size of the hematoma. Our prayer is that is has shrunk or completely dissolved.

Decorate your home.
It gives the illusion that your life is
more interesting than it really is.
~Charles M. Schulz


Joey&Casey said...

what blue color did you use?? I really love the blue color from restoration hardware that your parents have upstairs and hope to use it someday:). Is that the color of slate? Props to Brian for all of his hard work! What a guy:) Your baby is growing as big as ever:). Praise God!! Limes~!

Jonathan & Esther said...

Your baby has finger nails (or, almost...)! :). I can't wait to see the latest ultrasound picture. Many prayers that the hematoma is disolved!!