Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goodbye to Antonio

Not sure if I can write this up again, so I will just repost from an email this week. The entries will be a little sparse over the next couple of weeks as we work through our grief, but we will be back and are looking forward to being able to rejoice over the miracle and growth of Baby Beyonce.

Hey everyone,

It is very hard for us to write this email but we wanted to share some news with you all and to ask for your prayers. During a routine OB appointment yesterday, we were told that one of our twins had stopped developing. They think this was a rare problem with the placenta that could not have been prevented. They also believe that the other baby is developing well and will have no complications due to the loss of the one. They expect Baby B to go to full term with no problems.

We are devastated at this loss but are trying to hold on to God's word that he has plan for us and for our children. We appreciate your support and prayers during this time as we work to grieve our one baby and find joy in our single pregnancy. We also ask that you please share this news with others, as we would like to have the prayers of all of our friends, family, and church.

~Lindsay and Brian

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~Laura and Geoff~ said...

SOOOOOO much love to you and Brian, to Beyonce and sweet little Antonio. You are in our thoughts Linds, and as always if there's anything you need...