Monday, August 3, 2009

busy as a bee

After our last couple of quiet weeks, we went in full force with a busy weekend. Some great times at the pool with Matt & Elizabeth, potluck at Jen & Josh's house, fun lunch after church with friends, a slightly tense tailoring session, and a Durham Bulls game! It was so hot this weekend, which meant that anytime we stepped outside we felt sticky. I cannot wait for September to get here with its breezes and less humidity.

So I went to go get a bridesmaid dress tailored for my friend Emily's wedding this next weekend...and the tailor was pretty hilarious about the whole thing. And no I am not a slacker, the tailor told me to wait until this weekend since I growing so much every week. Anyway, I had ordered the dress up a size in anticipation of my growing belly. Apparently my belly exceeded all of our expectations. No, the dress is not too small, but lets say these little green olives better not grow at all this week!

Also, we have now "officially" announced the babies on Facebook and at work so no more secrets! Thanks to all of you who have been so great at keeping our pregnancy hush hush, but no need any more.
Double Trouble Watch 2009: We have definitely had a lot of belly growth the last 2 weeks and people who know me well are starting to say they can tell the difference. We seemed to have gotten the nausea under control in the sense that I know when to take my medicine so I experience it as little as possible. Dr. Coordination told me that I need to step up the weight gain, as I supposed to have gained 20 lbs. by 20 weeks! Meaning, lots of ice cream for me!

A hot dog at the ballgame
is better than roast beef at the Ritz.
~Humphrey Bogart

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