Friday, June 26, 2009

you make all things work together for my good

Sorry it was a week of no posts. I was pretty out of it at home on the couch. And it was kind of hard to think up words to say when Brian and I are just holding on trying not to be too anxious or panic. So I will just go ahead and start from the Friday of the embryo transfer.

Here is the story of two little embryos, aka The Hege Eggies.
Aww, look at them! Aren't they cute? For those of you who aren't used to deciphering ultrasounds, the little white arrow is pointing to the fluid sack that has both embryos floating in it. This picture was taken as they were inserting the embryos in my uterus.

The Hege Eggies spent all week growing into big strong eggs...super hero eggs if you will. Special thanks to my friend Ellie who is the craftiest, most creative person on the entire earth. Who whouldn't want to get these in the mail?

The little Hege Eggies grew and grew all week long, floating around for a place to implant and grow....and apparently, THEY FOUND IT!!!This was taken on Friday at 7dp5dt (7 days post a 5 day transfer) which in human speak is 3 weeks 5 days pregnant. On Friday, my pregnancy blood test beta number was 125. Anything higher than 25 means you are pregnant! Today (4 weeks pregnant), my pregnancy blood test beta number was 351. You want it to double every 2-3 days, so we are more than on track!

I am flying to Chicago on Tuesday for my pre-scheduled pregnancy test with the clinic who did our IVF. They will check our numbers again and then I will be done with Chicago! Yay! Then we will be transferred back to our clinic here at UNC for all my prenatal care. We will have an ultrasound in about a week where we will start to get an idea of how many little Heges are in there. It won't be the final count, which will come at another ultrasound in a couple of weeks when we see the heartbeats, but we are excited nonetheless.

We just want to say how thankful we are to everyone who has helped us on this journey. We could not be more ecstatic and we can't wait to share that emotion with all our friends. Look out for another post this week with our fun stories about telling our parents last weekend!

Expect to have hope rekindled.
Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.
The dry seasons in life do not last.
The spring rains will come again.
~Sarah Ban Breathnack


Bill and Marcia Gross said...

Praise God! Many prayers were answered this week. We are all so happy and believe that God has special plans for the Hege Eggies (now Hege Babies!)
We can't wait to watch you and B-rian raise an amazing family. You will be fantastic parents.

cabinfolk said...

Oh, Hallelujah! What fantastic news. God is so faithful. Prayers for a safe trip to Chicago tomorrow, for you and Brian and your super-excited families, and for those precious babies that God is knitting together in your womb. I can't wait to hear more!

Joey&Casey said...

Yup, I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! I told everyone last night that I can't wait to hold a Baby Hege in my arms:) God is so good!

Diana and Wes said...

WOW, this is such a great example of why God meant for us to live as a community so we could be a part of the miracles that He has in store for our lives. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of His story for your lives. I have been amazed of your strength and patients as you have held on to God’s promises for your family. We are praying for healthy development and joy in the process.

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