Thursday, June 4, 2009

on the road again

We made it! What a blessed, peaceful roadtrip. Both my mom and I hate being in the car for long periods of time...and God provided by making this 15 hour trip seem like the most calm, quick moving day ever.

We made it up through Winston-Salem, NC with no problems, moving quickly into Virginia. After a rousing game of auto bingo, we stopped for lunch in Abington, VA. What a cute little town! In fact, I had fallen asleep for a minute and was so confused when we stopped because it looked so much like Boone, NC.
Then we were back on the road up through the VA mountains and into Kentucky. We loved driving through the horse country in KY, with huge beautiful farms and prancing horses. As the afternoon drew closed, we stopped in Jeffersonville, Indiana for lunch with Gene. Gene was my mom's next door neighbor all growing up and still lives in the house next to my mom's childhood home. What a great time to hear fun stories and catch up with old friends!

After leaving Jeffersonville, we were back on the road for a last portion of Monday's trip! We made it into Zionsville, Indiana late, late on Monday night to our friends Connie and Mark's.

Connie, Mark, and their girls Claudia, Hilary, and Meredith used to live across the street from us in NC. When they moved back to Indiana, we were all so sad to see them go. What a treat to get to catch up with them and see their life in Indiana! We had a great night's sleep, waking up just in time to see Claudia and Hilary before they jumped on the bus. Then we were off to a wonderful lunch in downtown Zionsville with Connie and her youngest, Meredith. We had a fabulous day of beautiful garden lunches, shopping at fun girl stories with Meredith, and doing some "big girl" shopping at Anthropologie and Gap once we dropped Meredith off at kindergarten.

We hated to say goodbye to this wonderful family but hope to see them again soon! We made it back on the road and into to Chicago on Tuesday night, where we grabbed a wonderful seafood dinner, and promptly crashed into our warm hotel beds.
Like all great travellers,
I have seen more than I remember,
and remember more than I have seen.
~Benjamin Disraeli


Joey&Casey said...

So happy to hear that the drive went by quickly for you guys! Looks like you even had a nice dose of fun along the way. Yeah! Love your mom's dress outfit:) So cute! Keep the updates coming:)

Emily said...

You two are too cute for words. So fun to have this special mother daughter bonding time!

Jonathan & Esther said...

Can't believe how great your mom looks! I hope you guys are having a blast together. Much Love!