Wednesday, June 10, 2009

good day sunshine

It was a day of international in a visit to Geneva (Illinois...not Switzerland) and Sweden (by way of Ikea). Thank you Jesus that it finally warmed up today! And by warmed up, I mean it was high 60's. Even still, we spent as much time as possible in the sun, pretending it felt more like 80's.

Today we travelled to Geneva, IL for a little day trip to this cute touristy town. We shopped in tons of adorable little boutiques, and FINALLY got to sit in the sun at lunch time! Yay! It was great just to hang out and have some fun mother/daughter time. And for all your "Prison Break" fans, Geneva sits right on Fox River.

Yes, the same Fox River that the original prison in the show was named after. Apparently scenes were filmed right down the river at Joliet Prison. Which we almost visited, but thought that seemed too weird to be visiting a prison on vaca...but I guess when you've already hung out at a historic community activism museum and with Sue the T-Rex, that wouldn't be that strange.

We also made a trip to Ikea on the way home. We just wandered for a couple hours and only came out with a wall shelf and magazine rack...I know, unbelievable will power. Doctors appointments are still going well and hopefully we'll find out the retrieval date tomorrow...or as my mom likes to refer to the retrieval procedure, the "easter egg hunt."

Rivers know this: there is no hurry.
We shall get there some day.
~Winnie the Pooh

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