Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pinning for fall

I haven't done a Pinterest post in a while, which is sad because it is basically my favorite time waster ever. I would just like to go on the record though and say that Pinterest needs to get with the times and get an Android app. Because lots of cool people do not have iPhones. Step up Pinterest. 

We spent this last weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with Brian's family and I came home in the mood for fall. Maybe it was the slightly tinted leaves already turning beautiful shades of buttery yellow, burnt orange and cherry red. Maybe it was the air that did not choke me like a wet paper towel on my face when I opened the door. Maybe it was wearing my super cute Ann Taylor khaki jacket I bought last spring to replace the corduroy jacket I have been wearing since high school. The only thing I still own from high school. Cause you know my hips can't fit into any pants from then. I like big butts and I cannot lie.
Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest
I want to feel boots on my feet and a sweater on my arms. Without sweating profusely.

My slow cooker better be busy this fall. And my tummy better be full of pumpkin. I'm just sayin. 

Maybe I will head over to Michael's and buy supplies to make a fall wreath with Lila instead of using all those coupons as bug killer smushing paper. Or maybe I will just shrug my shoulders, say "Eh, screw it" and go buy a radically expensive one. It's a toss up really.

My brother-in-law Peter makes the best risotto on planet Earth. Maybe I will bribe him with free MBA paper editing if he makes this for me. That is my idea of "homemade" by the way. 

I want to put these adorable pants on Lila's little toddler butt right this second. Girls can rock the monsters too.

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Casey Martinez said...

I LOVE that outfit choice. Like I want to buy it and wear it today! lol. Those monster pants are pretty fab too! I already have a fall wreath ready to go as I save mine from previous years. Go get one!! It def. makes me happy every time I see my front door:)