Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i'll keep dancing anyway

As an event planner, my work flow comes and goes in waves. Down time when I am planning for an event, big build up right before, the high of getting it all out there and done, slowly wrapping up the details afterwards, and then crash. The fall is always busy with fundraising event for my job and this month is the pinnacle, with five events in six weeks. This week in particular included a golf tournament in Wilmington on Monday and a 5K this upcoming Saturday. Four days apart. Basically I don't sleep for multiple nights in a row, take some Ambien to try and grab a little rest and then run like crazy again. Not really the best for my sleep or body but it must be done. Don't feel bad for me, I thrive off of my job and the excitement of seeing my work played out into an amazing event.

On Saturday night, I had worked all day trying to get some last minute details done that could not be completed until right before the event. I had to leave the next day to drive down to Wilmington to start the prep work for the tournament. As I wrapped up my work in the evening, I realized the printer labels I had bought were the wrong size...doi! So I jumped in the car to run to Walmart, praying they for one time actually had the exact thing I was looking for. I was feeling so tired and turned on the radio hoping for something to distract me. 

Apparently our Christian radio station felt my pain and announced they were playing something to get me dancing, so crank the radio up. And then God gave me just the pick me up I needed to make it through the next two days, put on a successful golf tournament, raise a lot of money, and fall asleep last night mid-sentence to Brian.

When life wont play along and right keeps going wrong
And I cant seem to find my way
I know where I am found so I wont let it drag me down
Oh, I'll keep dancing anyway
I'm gonna move, I'm gonna move, I'm gonna move 
~"Move" by MercyMe


Casey Martinez said...

oooooo I like it very much!! Such a good boogie song to shake the blues away. Awesome! Hang tight in this crazy season Lindsay! Hope it eases soon!

Sues said...

My FAVORITE song of the year!!!

Heather said...

That is awesome!