Wednesday, May 25, 2011

when you walk on by

Oh Lila Bean,
Momma has neglected the baby book aspect of your blog lately. She got caught up being a momma. And talking about momma things. You are growing and changing so much every day right now. Two weeks ago you started walking. After 14 long months, you started walking! You have been holding on to furniture for several months and walking around but you finally decided it was time to step out on your own on May 11. Two weeks later, you are still only taking about 10 steps in a row and then plopping down on your bottom.

You hate walking and standing on grass. You cannot understand what this wet, cushy substance is below your feet. Why would anyone want to touch this dirty stuff? You love being outside staring the birds, taking long walks in your wagon or playing with push toys in the driveway.
You are now telling us exactly what you want and don't want all the time. Pointing at something and taping your fingers together for the sign language for "more." And when we get it wrong or tell you no, you make sure we know we did not get it right. You can be singing Baa Baa Black Sheep ("baa baa baaaccckkkk") and then crying on the floor at the travisty of the world the next minute.
You are so silly, taking every chance to sign and make up words. You play peek a boo around every object...your sippy cup, your blanket, our comforter, around the shower door. You love to be tickled and always throw your hand up so we can nibble at your fingers. You can brush your own hair, put on your own shirt, drink out of your sippy cup, point the remote control at the TV, open and close doors, climb stairs and push chairs/toys/Zaxby the dog/boxes around the house. You LOVE all cell phones, immediately picking them up and holding them up to your ear saying "uh oh!" You can scroll through photos and dial numbers on the phone and heaven forbid if we take the phone away to answer an actual call.

Mornings are your favorite, waking up singing in your crib until we crawl out of bed and come into your nursery. You peek through your crib bars with the biggest smile and throw your hands in the air to be picked up. You love to snuggle in bed while Daddy gets your bottle, waving goodbye to him as soon as gets up from bed to remind him it is time to go downstairs, because even though you are big girl, you love to sit in Mommy's lap playing with her hair while you drink milk in the morning.

I am not sure how much you weigh, but you have been in size 4 diapers for a while and wear 18-24 months clothes, hate wearing shoes and reach over to pick out a bow as soon as we put on your outfit every morning. You are the sweetest, silliest joy of our life, our Beanie Bean.

Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom and Daaaaaaaaaaddy

As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I've known proves that it's right
Because you're mine, I walk the line
~"I Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash


Rory said...

OMG! Yay for walking! She's so stinking cute and I'm over here wishing D was younger so I could beg you to hand me down that amazing watermelon dress! I love it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Emilia hates walking on grass too! So fun to watch them develop so much personality, isn't it? Take care, Brannon