Monday, May 16, 2011

nook nerd

Mother's day was a little different for us this year, as we were at Brian's home following his grandpa's funeral. It was both different and good, since we don't often get to spend Mother's Day with Brian's mom and grandma. We really enjoyed seeing Brian's mom open up her gifts in person and wishing her a happy Mom and Grandma's Day! The day started out with breakfast in bed, a tradition at our house, although last year, I certainly did not have a little one crawling over my lap trying to steal bites off my plate. Lila can eat a whole piece of french toast, no joke.

Then Brian surprised me with a scavenger hunt, one of my favorite things! I love running all over the house finding clues that lead me to a gift. When I finally made it to the wrapped box, I was shocked when I opened it up. Brian got me a Nook Color!
We do not usually buy each other big gifts like this and not as a total surprise. Brian had done his research, asking friends and talking to the store, figuring out which E-Reader was best for me. I LOVE this gift because not only does it allow me to read lots of cool books at a discounted (or free!) price, but it is also a cool toy for kids. They have "Read To Me" children's books that have an actor reading the story outloud as you turn the page. It has acts as a tablet PC, with email, web, Pandora, pretty much anything I could want on the go.

I am also discovering that you can lend books to other people that have a Nook for 7 days. Any Nook owners out there want to be my friend? Email me at and we can exchange real email addresses. My next big decision is a cover or sleeve? I love both of these beauties below but need advice from other Nook users as to what is the best protection in your purse but is also convenient for reading. Nothing like a new gift that means you get to shop for more accessories! Thanks Brian, you are the best!

Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.
~P.J. O'Rourke

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Casey Martinez said...

love the gussy covers!! That really is a neat goodie to have especially with the read feature that you showed us! Too cool! I really like the quote you have at the end of this post too...gave me a chuckle;0