Monday, May 23, 2011

do the herman munster

Thanks everyone for all your great suggestions on Nook cases and books. I did decide to go with the Gussy sleeve and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep. My very first Gussy! If you haven't checked out Gussy's beautiful ruffled items, GO RIGHT NOW. Her stuff is adorable and no, I was not paid or given any item to write that. She is just that awesome that I want to throw her a promo.
I know my blogging has slowed down a little lately and I am trying to eradicate that (SAT word, what what). One thing I have been loving reading on other blogs lately are cool tips. About finding deals, about reusing common items, about distractions to keep little ones from throwing temper tantrums in the check-out line at Target. I am thinking about starting up a blog hop to post your favorite Tips for other moms/lady bloggers. I don't think we will have themes at the beginning, just a lot of cool tips each week. Thoughts? Would you like to hear other fabulous tips? Leave a comment and tell me what your first tip would be about if we did a blog hop.

Another reason I have been gone a lot lately is a little field trip into my favorite waste of time of money - medical issues. I have been having some lady problems lately with lots of pain and other symptoms and they determined I have a big ol' uterine polyp. We call her Polly the Polyp for fun. It was originally just going to take some an in-office procedure to get 'er done, but after some more testing they determined that it was a little too large for that. So last Friday, I took a nice long nap (EXPENSIVE and long) while my doctor did surgery to remove Polly forever. It went really well but now I am trying to recover while hobbling after a toddler who decided to start walking last week. Oh yeah, THAT JUST HAPPENED. I promise to do a cute video of Lila doing the Herman Munster around the house at some point this week.

So excuse my lack of blogging as I try to keep up. And let me know if you have any tips you want to share!

Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants.
~William Osler

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