Wednesday, December 23, 2009

stockings hung by the chimney

Christmas time is one of my favorite seasons of the year. So much fun time with friends and family, lots of cookies and holiday parties, and fun presents to open! This year has felt a little different since I cannot go to all the fun parties. And sadly, no one has felt like relocating their Christmas party to my living room. Funny how that works.

This weekend we drove down to Gastonia to do Christmas with Brian's family. On Friday, we left about 4pm, hoping to miss the snow storm that was covering most of NC. No such luck. We drove straight into the storm! I have never been in such scary driving conditions before, with a sheet of ice and snow on the road, all you could do was try to follow in the tire tracks of the car in front of you as one long line of cars snaked down the highway going 15mph. Luckily we made it there safe and sound.

We had an awesome time celebrating with Brian's family, with lots of family time around the house, yummy food, and fabulous presents. The most fabulous of all...our crib!! It was actually delivered to our house last week but there is nothing like getting to open a 90lb box and see lots of adorable white pieces inside. We also got tons of cute clothes for Lila and the most magical Christmas present of all. Yes that is a princess potty. That sings magical songs for a "royal reward" when you go to the bathroom. I do not think toys get any better than this! Then today, our doorbell rang and lo and behold, our car seat was on the front porch as a gift from a family friend. I am telling you what, this has been a rocking all around week.

From Coney Island to the Sunset Strip
Somebody's gonna make a happy trip
Tonight, while the moon is bright

He's gonna have a bag of crazy toys
To give the groanies of the boys and girls
So dig, Santa comes on big

He'll come a flying from a higher place
And fill the stockings by the fireplace
So you'll, have a yule that's cool
~"Cool Yule" by Louis Armstrong

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