Monday, December 7, 2009

showered with love

So no, I did not forget about the baby shower update. You know, since thats that fun part with bows and boxes and cute cute baby stuff. Last Saturday we had our Cary baby shower. We had been so glad that the doctor told me I could go as long as I sat the entire time. I was so glad that I got to attend this one since Brian's mom had hosted a shower the weekend before that I had to miss.
We got so many wonderful gifts at our shower, our high chair, lots of cute clothes, decorations for Lila's room, and many fun supplies for the nursery. It was so nice just to have a normal, pregnancy moment and focus on the excitment of Lila's arrival. Many thanks to my sister Katelyn for planning such a fabulous party!
The other awesome part of the weekend was having Patti, Brian's mom, come up from Gastonia to join us for the shower. She also brought all of the wonderful gifts from the Gastonia shower! Needless to say, opening over 60 gifts in two days was exhausting and overwhelming. Now we just have to finish up the nursery so we have somewhere to put all of these adorable pink things.
I love giving gifts and I love receiving them.
If it's a really good gift, I love receiving it,
like jewels or small islands.
~Gina Gershon

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Joey&Casey said...

Yeah for shower fun!! Praise God that babies are provided for:). Looks like a wonderful day and so nice that both moms could be there;0.