Friday, April 20, 2012

how to break the funk

One morning last week, I woke up in a funk. As soon as I opened my eyes that morning I was irritable and tired and cranky. It seemed like Lila was refusing to get dressed just to bug me. Brian's simple questions about the day seemed to get under my skin. Our normal morning routine of an hour took about an hour and a half. And the worse part was that the whole time, I knew in the back of my head that this bad day was all on me. Lila wasn't acting like a toddler more than any other day. It was not her fault I forgot to pack her lunch the night before. Brian was not doing anything other than being a sweet husband trying to plan out our day. 

So I took to the private Facebook group set up by mom's bible study. I needed some ideas for how to break the funk! And funny enough, after trying everything on the list, I slowly started to realize it was a good day. Sometime, all it takes is a little work to remind yourself that God created a beautiful day and it is your choice whether or not to enjoy it. And yes, I just pulled a Pollyanna, but you know you want to dance to some loud music drinking a Diet Coke right now :-) Here are the other fabulous ideas shared by my always-right mommy friends:
  • Drink a big cup of water
  • Drink a big cup of coffee
  • Eat protein for breakfast
  • Wear a pretty dress or whatever makes you feel good about yourself
  • Listen to silly songs (my Pandora was set to the Backstreet Boys station)
  • Listen to soft worship music (I am loving my new CD, "Sing Over Me Worship & Lullabies"
  • Go for a walk outside or at least sit in the sun for a few minutes
  • Sit quietly by yourself for a while, no music, no phone, no computer, no kids
  • Get your favorite lunch or snack as a special treat
  • Do something fun with the kids that makes them super happy and full of laughter
  • Sing to loud Broadway or musical songs
  • Spend ten minutes doing something that makes you feel happy (for me organizing my planner)
What are your other great ways to get out of a nasty mood? I would love to hear your mood changing ideas to add my list for the next times the blues greet me in the morning. 


Sues said...

I'm big on the treat for myself - Sbux chai latte, etc. Watching an episode of Joyce Meyer's Enjoying Everyday Life always gives me perspective in a helpful way, too. And Zumba.

Mrs. Harvey said...

Saw you were following my new blog, and I am now following yours! I love your ideas on how to break the funk, and I think they will definitely come in handy! :)