Sunday, April 8, 2012

chicago times

Finally settled back in from our long trip to Chicago, last week was a whirlwind. Changes at work that came about while I was gone made for some long work days, Lila needed lots of snuggles after missing us and we tried to adjust to my lack of lifting and carrying while we wait for our IVF outcome news. Since I am not able to lift over five pounds and Lila now obviously weighs more than my testing weight of a gallon of milk, that creates some challenges. We had to switch her to a big girl bed, set up a ladder in and out of the car and Lila had a hard time not being carried around. 
Regardless of the challenges the last week has held, it was a fabulous trip to Chicago. We loved staying with my cousin Jenny and her husband. The last time we saw them was Cousins Weekend in Asheville last year so it was great to catch up and hang out. We had lots of delicious food, did some fabulous shopping and enjoyed the nice cool Chicago weather. Lots of relaxing as we led up to Saturday's embryo transfer which was just what I needed. 
The transfer went amazingly well and we felt so much peace that day. The little ones floated into their nice warm bed where we hope they will stay put. We have our test on Tuesday so pray for God to continue to knit them together and help them grow, in Jesus name!

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