Thursday, February 2, 2012

my favorite birthday things

I have been loving all my fabulous new items I got for birthday gifts. I must confess, it was really hard for me to think of birthday gifts for myself this year. Maybe because it was so close to Christmas? Not sure but I am super glad my family knows me and did not listen to my "umms" and "wellll". 

I am in love with this nail polish that I got for myself as a little birthday gift. I saw it on my sister, who is of course 5 million times more fashionable than me, and loved it because it was warmer than a basic black polish. Make sure to cut your nails short or they will look like talons...never a good idea. 

Ya'll know how I feel about massages. And luckily, my husband does too and knows my favorite local spa. I am purposely holding on to this baby until my GIANT 420 person gala is finished next Friday. Then I might move into the spa for a week. Sounds like a good idea to me. 

Dexas Popware Over-the-Sink Collapsible Strainer with Cutting Board
Okay, I am a kitchen nerd. Brian heard me talking about how cool this was one day and when I opened it on my birthday I flipped out more than Kristen Bell and her sloth birthday surprise. Cutting and rinsing at the same time! It is like tuna and macaroni & cheese. Oh wait, those two don't go together you say? Then I am pretty sure we can't be friends. 
Oh eyelash curler, where have you been my whole life? Thank God my sister tried to keep me pretty because I am working hard against her with my flat lifeless eye lashes. I cannot believe how much this brightens up my eyes with just 30 seconds.  

My inner dork is coming to light. And I like it a lot. Who is up for labeled plastic cups at Lila's birthday party in March???

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