Wednesday, February 1, 2012

grilled cheesy goodness

Some evenings you need to feel comforted and remember simpler days. Days of swing sets and mud puddles, with Hello Kitty bandaids on your knee and a warm bath at the end of the evening. Hot tomato soup and grilled cheese may seem simple when served at a dinner table, but it tastes like home and comfort to my family. My daughter, barreling towards two and the independent streak that it ushers in, considers these evenings her favorites. My husband and I know that sitting at our table, practicing dipping the cheesy buttered bread into red broth, teach her more than how to fill her tummy; it teaches her that we are willing to stop in our busyness and celebrate the everyday moments with her. She will only be little for so long, singing “Twinkle Twinkle” in between bites and willingly letting us wipe her hands. Before long, evening dinners at home will be replaced with ballet practice and tutoring. But last night, our family stopped and celebrated our successful day of life with laughter and tomato soup.